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Here are the drums I'm offering for sale. All are in good condition. Some may be brand new. Please check this page periodically because I will update it from time to time. Also, if you write me and ask, I may be able to tell you about some for sale that are not posted here yet.  ~Updated 3/10


This used to be my main drum. It has a standard-sized wood shell that is not very heavy and a fairly new goatskin head. It's in great condition apart from a very small nick on the bearing edge and some scuffs on the stem. It is wrench-tunable and it has an awesome sound. Great lead drum. $175. (plus shipping) includes nylon bag. SOLD


Also built by Meinl, a German percussion company, this is a somewhat smaller fiberglass djembe (22" high instead of the standard 24") with a cowskin head. The cowskin head gives this djembe a beautifully warm, mellow tone. Because I thought this drum needed some color, I'm responsible for the paintjob on the head. This drum is no longer made but replacement heads are readily available. Cowhide is MUCH thicker and stronger than goatskin so it's much less likely to need replacing. $175. (plus shipping) SOLD


This is a traditional djembe from Guinea. Standard size, wood shell, goatskin head, rope-tuned. $150.(plus shipping) SOLD


18" Remo Djembe Remo's biggest djembe. Three people can stand around this drum and play it! I never do. It comes out once a year at a big outdoor party we throw. No drum should be so neglected. Synthetic shell and head. Rubber footing at bottom has been repaired. Wrench tunable. HUGE djembe. $125. (plus shipping) conga stand not included.


Own an original Healing Heart Drum. Built by me. 15" octagonal. Decorated with feathers and beads and a signature gemstone heart. Two-headed type recommended for climates that get high humidity.
$250. includes your choice of beater.




Big Hawaiian Pahu Drum. Carved solid Koa wood. You play this one by hand, mallets, or beaters while it stands on the floor. This drum does not need to "breathe" like djembes, ashikos or doumbeks. Very cool sound. Brand new. $175. (plus shipping) Includes a pair of mallets. Do a search online and read up on Pahu drums. When you can find them, they normally sell for $400. to $600. Koa wood models are the best. SOLD


Electric Cajon drum! This can be played as an acoustic cajon drum by simply playing the top like a conga. Plug any guitar cord into the front and the other end in an amplifier and you have an amazing electric cajon drum! Volume control is on the front for drum. 18" tall. Hardly played. (I'm only selling this because I own its bigger brother.) $150. (plus shipping) Originally sold for more than $250.

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