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Drum Circles: Links



Articles by Barry Bittman, M.D.:

Deep Within: Drumming as a healing strategy

Drumming: to the beat of life

Got Rhythm? - Part I

Got Rhythm? - Part II

Healing: to the beat of an inner drummer

Little Drummer Boy: a precious gift of inspiration

Music Enters: where words cannot pass

Recreational Music-Making: mind, body, spirit and wellness

Rhythmaculture: the roots of community

By Christine K. Stevens:

Drumming Up The Spirits

You Are Musical!

Should Drums Be Sold in Pharmacies?

By Morwen Two-Feathers:

Why Drum?

Loads more by various writers...

HealthRHYTHMS links

Different Drummers Drum Circle

Drum Circles: Guidelines and Tips

Drum Circles: In the News 1

Drum Circles: In the News 2

Drum Circles: In the News 4

The NBUU Circle: A History

Why Freestyle?

Rick's Gallery