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Rick's Gallery

My Drum Collection 7



Remo calls these "Tubano" drums. The guy who invented them, Irving Finklestein, wanted to call them "'Tube Drums' because they were big tubes with heads on them." Remo didn't think that sounded ethnic enough so they named them Tubano drums.
I have finally collected the entire set! A 10", a 12" and a 14". The 12" has the old Mondo-Fa head. The other two have the newer Nuskyn heads. Beautiful contrasting tones. Great drums to play with hands or mallets.



This little drum is from Peru. Yes...that is thick brown hair all around the drum. It was once worn by an irritating pistachio salesman named Antonio. Get over it. ;-)



This is a Nigerian Pinwheel Drum. It is traditionally used during the wedding ceremonies of the legendary Pinhead tribe. During the ceremony the wedding guests place these drums atop their heads, get them spinning and play the drum solo from In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida. The fact that it looks just like a Nigerian Sakara drum whose rim is weaved of sticks and has a clay ring mounted underneath is purely coincidental. ;-)



These conga drums were the find of the year! Underneath loads of grime and tarnish and Puerto Rico stickers were a matching pair of LP Classic Congas. LP's best conga drums. The steel-reinforced fiberglass is so thick and heavy they make wooden congas seem like feathers in comparison! These were LP's Bicentennial Edition Congas, built in 1976 and they sound absolutely gorgeous!
Below is a picture of how these drums look today after I spent time removing stickers, touching up paint and polishing fiberglass and chrome.





Here is the largest of my tongue drums. It is 9" tall and 29" wide. It uses random tuning and has a very deep and percussive voice.



Here is a nice, big, silver frame drum. Everybody say, "OOOOooooh!!!"



I built this "Drum Circle Cajon" so that a person could sit at it comfortably and play the top. 12"x12"x24" All birch construction.

My Drum Collection 8

Song: Mambo!!!