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Rick's Gallery

My Drum Collection 5



Here is a treat...just for making it through all these drums. The newspaper wanted a pic of me sitting in the middle of a roomful of drums so I dragged these all out of the musicroom. People didn't quite believe me when I told them that this was less than half of my collection so one weekend I dragged the rest downstairs just to take the next photo.


The rest of the collection!



Here is a marching snare drum. I first learned to play drums on a snare drum but mine never sounded as deep or resonant as this one. Made from heavy duty stainless steel by Ludwig. One very cool drum!



Here is a wonderful Marimba from Germany. This picture doesn't do them justice but it has beautiful rosewood keys.



These are beautifully furry drums from South Africa. One story goes that they are made from metal cans in order to conserve the trees. Another story goes that some Africans will stretch goatskin over ANYTHING! Whatever the case, these sound absolutely wonderful.



I call this a 'gourd on a stick'. It's my weirdest drum. Purchased from an estate sale where no info was available about its origin. It looks like a musical bedwarmer. There's even a loop at the end of the shaft so you can hang it from a wall. Don't ask me why.



Here is the largest Remo djembe in the civilized world. It has an 18" head. If you or I had an 18" head we in 'Ripley's Believe it or Not'...or used in a horror movie or reality show. It's big.



I own what I have to say is the most beautiful flute I have ever seen. Built by Miguel Medina of CA, it is a maple flute with rosewood accents. The eagle fetish appears to be swooping over the woodburned mountains along each side of the flute. My wife owns two of Miguel's beautiful drone flutes.
Below is a close-up so you can better see the eagle...


Click here to see a very special drum...

Song: Drumpage 3