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Fairhaven Therapist Uses Drumming Circles to Treat Trauma, Anxiety

Fairhaven resident and 38-year drummer Rick Cormier has seen up close the therapeutic benefits of hand drumming. A psychotherapist specializing in anxiety disorders, Mr. Cormier has successfully incorporated drumming circles into his work with a wide range of trauma survivors.

 "Drum circles are amazing because, aside from the many documented physical and emotional benefits, many people experience an increased state of spiritual well-being, a deep non-verbal connection with others, and have FUN in the process!"

For the third time this year, Mr. Cormier will share his love of drumming with South Coast denizens in search of a healthy, fun release for their own stresses. His popular "Drumming Circle Intro," appearing in South Coast Learning Networks Fall 2002 catalog, takes place over three Sundays, Oct 20-November 3 at the Dartmouth Grange Hall in Russells Mills Village. Mr. Cormiers course is one of 165 offerings in the Learning Networks latest catalog.

Pat Medeiros, a New Bedford woman who participated in Mr. Cormiers spring workshop reported feeling energized by the experience.

"Regardless of how tired I was when I was rejuvenated by the time I left," she said. "Rick is great. He makes you feel comfortable."

Jennifer Clarke, a classmate of Ms. Medeiros, added, "Ricks class was great. He created a non-threatening atmosphere that fostered risk, creativity, and laughter. Some of my friends thought the class was a very 'Kumbaya' thing for me to do, but I really enjoyed it. It totally gets you out of your head. Its a fabulous way to reduce stress."

The Fall 2002 term runs from September 16-November 16. Catalogs can be requested by calling the Learning Network or by dropping by the office. The catalog is also available online at www.southcoastlearning.org.



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