It began with a dream of getting to play a Japanese taiko drum. Then, one day, while watching New England O'Daiko perform, I was chosen from the audience to go up on stage and play the 'big drum'.
A year or so later I would own my own taiko drum.
But no stand.
And then I got the idea of mounting 3 big drums horizontally (taiko style) and being able to play them from a standing position. One person could even stand on either side and drum together.
I even came up with a rough design...But I'm no carpenter.
One day I was talking about my idea and a friend of mine said, "I could make that happen for you. As a matter of fact, I'd LOVE to make that happen for you!"
David came up with essentially the same functional design that I did. We discussed the project and he took measurements as to how high and where the drums should be.
A month later my friend, David, came to the house with a second set of plans. He had been inspired by the fact that I'd be playing these big drums Japanese style...so he redesigned the drum stand to look Japanese!
...and turned a functional idea into a work of art!


"Koodori" is a Japanese word
meaning literally,
"To jump or dance with joy"



"Koodori" is about 6 and a half feet tall. It's upper wing spans 5 feet. The 3 Remo djun djuns it carries are 14", 16" and 22". Four gongs are mounted, one from each of four sides and the smaller wings double as mallet holders. Koodori is designed to break down into only 6 parts and can be broken down and reassembled by one person.



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