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Rick's Gallery

My Drum Collection 9



Here is a drum that makes me smile. It's fun and happy and beautiful and silly...full of life and joy and wonder. It's colorful, sexy and playful. It's even tunable!
Remo calls it a Tubano drum. It's sort of a cross between a conga and a standing ashiko drum. It makes me smile. :-) <--see?



Move over Kong...Move aside Godzilla... Here is a DRUM. Rosewood construction, goatskin head...and big. BIGGER than big!! This baby makes Kong sound like a monkey drum! It sent Godzilla screaming through the streets of Tokyo. A drum made for mallets. A drum made for pounding out unspeakable rhythms. A drum you don't want to take on alone. Meet 'Ralph'.



Now here we have a modest assortment of small instruments. At the lower left of the picture is a mini-rainstick (A drizzle-stick?) which sounds great when used as a shaker. Above that is a mini-conga drum made by Meinl of German. The box drum in the upper right has 4 tongues which were all tuned to specific pitches. It sounds incredible! Play any 2 'tongues' at a time and they form a chord! Last is the Nigerian shakere with the beautiful rainbow-colored beads.



Here is an Egyptian doumbek I found in Seattle. It is a bit taller and wider than most mosaic Egyptian doumbeks I've owned so it has a deeper bass tone. It is made of cast aluminum with a synthetic head. The inside of the drum is finished with white enamel. One of my most beautiful drums, here is a closeup of the mosaic work.




This has got to be the weirdest and one of the most fun drums I've ever come across. Remo calls it a "Spring Drum"...named for the spring which hangs from its bottom head. When you shake this thing it sounds like a huge gong is sounding. If the spring should hit or even touch an object it lets forth an explosive reverberating sound. A very strange and wonderful drum.



Here is an African djun djun so small it should be called a 'djunette' or a 'djunino'. I tie this drum and the brekete drum to my large African djun djun to make a rustic drum set of sorts. I'm weird like that.



Here is the Roland Handsonic. The ultimate died-and-gone-to-heaven drum machine. You play its gazillion different sounds by slapping 15 different zones on the rubber hand pad. You can also trigger sounds by passing your hand over the unit. A very cool instrument.

My Drum Collection 10

Song: Samba #5