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Rick's Gallery

Someone once said, "If you want to really know someone, look closely at his art."

...Here is my art.


Healing Heart Drum
Healing Heart Drum


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Customized drum head

Drums I play and drums I build...

Purpleheart frame drum

Welcome to my website. I call it Rick's Gallery because it has become a personal gallery of self-expression. You'll find original song lyrics, poetry, computer art (fractal art), photography, and music. You'll see my drum collection and hear about drum circles. You'll see drums, superball mallets, and drum beaters for sale. Oh...and I'll try to make you chuckle. I hope you enjoy your visit.

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My favorite online bookstore. Period.
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A great source for drums...
Incredible doumbeks, bodhrans, end table drums...

Song: "One Day" Music From Mission Control