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Rick's Gallery

My Original Music

The Back Story...

I began playing drums at the age of 9 or 10. At 20, I began writing lyrics and singing playing guitar. From 1973 to 1983 I wrote 180 songs... two-thirds of which were ballads and one-third of which was comedy. I recorded two record albums, played lots of coffeehouses and played some concerts. Around the time I turned 30, I switched my focus to synthesizers and wrote about 100 instrumental pieces.

I recently uncovered and digitized some recordings from that era and have included some samples here.

1973 - 1983  Acoustic music: The Ballads

Ballad of the Person I Was Yesterda

Time Has Come


The Fool

Stay With Me

1973 - 1983 Acoustic music: The Comedy

I Hope There's a Girl

Disco Fever (live)

Punk Rock

I've Been Saved

1983 - 1993 Electronic Music

Short Stories

Excerpt from "Pied Piper"

Lady & the Matador

One Saturday Night