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Pro Mallet Designs

These are most of the designs and colors available in 2014

My pro mallets are the serious drummer's mallet though nearly half of them are purchased for chidren. They have 1" to 1 1/2" superballs and 1/2" oak shafts treated for moisture and splinter-resistance. The thicker shaft makes them easier to hold for long periods. They have a great weight and feel. The price is $12.50 pr. plus shipping

Also, drummers may wish to consider having end caps installed on your mallets for an extra four dollars per pair. End caps prevent the mallets from slipping from your hands during extended drumming sessions while improving the mallet's balance.

BIG NEWS! After years of unavailability, I have managed to procure an entire case of glow-in-the-dark eyeballs! For more than a decade, these were one of my best-selling balls for pro-mallets (second only to the yellow smileys). See picture below. Only blue eyes available.


Swirl Balls. An embarrasing condition suffered by men who overstir their coffee. Not to be confused with "Twirl Balls" which attacks mainly square dancers and ballroom dancers. But this isn't that, either. It's a swirly ball. A ball with swirls. Period. Available in 1" and in 1 1/8".


Yes, after years of unavailability, I found a case of great quality glow-in-the-dark eyeballs!! (Available in blue eyes only) Great for playing 'scary' drum solos or freightening small children in the dark! "OOOooooooo!!" 


Honoring comic book heroes such as Iron Man and Metal Men: Here are "Metalic Balls!" One of my personal favorites. Available in lots of colors.
Available in several sizes.


"Striped Balls". (Hey! It sounds better then 'African Balls'!) When have you seen more colorful balls than these? Don't get me started... The picture doesn't do these justice. These are fairly dense balls. 32mm.  ...Limited supply.


I know you're thinking..."Blue Balls. What's so special about blue balls?" Well, for one thing these are BIG blue balls... AND they glow in the dark! That's right... Glow-in-the-dark-big-blue-balls!! This is our softest ball. This makes them very bouncy. That's right: Glow-in-the-dark-big-BOUNCY-blue-balls!!! 38mm.


New for 2012!  What do Mr. Data and C3PO have in common? "Nebula Balls!" This is a larger (38mm), denser and heavier ball. Awesome colors.


Mysterious Eyes! These are absolutely ridiculous. Goofy. Silly. They make people smile. The perfect 'Rick Stick'! :-)
Sadly, these balls are no longer manufactured with any quality so are now ...UNAVAILABLE.


Just in time for Xmas...OK a little the Little Drummer Boy ...on a ball. You didn't honestly think I was gonna mess with THAT one, did you? Ba Rum Pum Pum Pum... 1" 

"Psychedelic Balls"! Once a social disease among LSD users, now a new Superball Mallet design!! UNAVAILABLE


These nice, spongy balls have great bounce. I call them "Mottled Balls". I'm running out of ball jokes. 32mm.


New for 2011: Honoring drummers in cold climates: Frosted Neon Balls!


New for 2011!  Remember 'Psychedelic Balls'? These are their replacements: "Maze Balls" Spend hours of fun conceptualizing their intricate patterns! Imagine being a flea or a mite and trying to manuveur your way through the maze!  Wow! 38mm ...Limited supply.


Glow-in-the-dark Rainbow Balls! Let's face it... ALL rainbows should glow in the dark so that we could enjoy the ones that only appear at night. 


New for 2012!  Are you ready for this?! "Solid Balls!" Okay. Kind of an anti-climax, huh? For those who prefer color with a bit less pizazz, flash or humor we have solid colored balls. Available colors include red, green, blue, yellow and now pink. This is a very dense ball with some weight to it. 32mm.


A variation on Metalic balls is "Dark Metalic Balls" A more subtle effect. You only see the metalic effect from up close.


LadyBug Balls.
I know this seems like a contradiction in terms but we won't go there. 1 3/8"  ...Limited supply.


Patch Balls. A colorful and artsy ball. Available in 1" and 1 3/8". ...Very limited supply.

Pool Balls! No, not the kind of poolballs you get from swimming too long...You should be ashamed of yourself for even THINKING such a thing! These are superballs that look like the balls they use in the game of Pool.  1"  


"Tiffany Balls!"
Not to be confused with that ill-named girl in ninth grade, Tiffany Balls are elegantly faceted superballs that will turn heads everywhere you go. Imagine the Hope Diamond on a stick! Now imagine TWO! That is the magic and the allure of Tiffany Balls.  ...Very limited supply.


Remember that time, back in the 60's, when you tried coloring your jeans while you were still wearing them? Well, how's this for a flashback...
"Tye Dye Balls!!!"
(", man!")
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*A word of explanation regarding unavailable balls: Compressed rubber balls ('Superballs') are no longer manufactured in the U.S.. Only in China, and then only to supply the vending machine market. The inherent problem in this is that balls are designed, batches are made, and then the design is often abandoned in favor of variety. The length of time that I can offer any particular ball design depends on how large a supply I purchased when available.
The other problem in acqiring bulk superballs is quality. Some manufacturers produce really poor or inconsistent quality balls. This mostly affects balls which have an imprinted design (smiley faces, eyeballs, etc.) I refuse to put poor quality balls on my mallets.
You may have noticed my "Mysterious Eyes" balls are marked as "UNAVAILABLE". Actually, I have many boxes of them. But they are of poor print quality, the white paint of the eyes often chipped or faint. The seller refunded my money and told me to keep the balls. If I had the time or patience, I'd remove the bits of white paint and sell them as glossy black balls... but I don't.
So please understand when an attractive ball is listed as unavailable. I either can't get that design or I can't get them in a satisfactory quality.

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