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My 'Healing Heart' beaters are about 17" long (longer if needed) and cost $70. each. The photos below will give you an idea of what I've designed in the past. All beaters are now built on a custom basis. Email me and tell me what you'd like... and leave some room for creativity. ;)

You'll find no plastic beads in my beadwork. Only semi-precious gem stones, ceramic, wood, metals, porcelain, bone, glass, or minerals. No imitation suedes, leathers, feathers or furs. All beaters have a solid oak core.

New Cochiti-style Beaters!

In 2010, while in New Mexico, I visited the Cochiti Pueblo. The Cochiti tribe is famous for drum-building. There I met Gabe "Yellowbird" Trujillo, one of three remaining drum-building elders of the pueblo. Thanks to him, I learned to build a beater which perfectly replicates the sound of a Cochiti beater while retaining a simplified version of my Healing Heart Beaters. I have been selling these locally but am offering them on this website for the first time. Picture at the bottom of this page shows Cochiti beaters in stock now. $50. each or two for $85. (See picture at bottom of page)

Original Healing Heart Beaters ($70. each)


In 2011, I designed this beautiful beater for a woman in Scotland who does healing energy work. The challenge was to design a beater which was primarily black but incorporated coyote fur as well as the colors of the 'four directions' into the design. The resulting beater remains one of my favorites.  SOLD


This 2005 beater has a purposefully natural look. The beater head is a beautiful tan rabbit fur. Tan suede follows along the shaft. There is a wrapping of jute followed by another piece of matching rabbit fur. The remainder of the shaft is wrapped in tan leather with matching beadwork of wood and glass. SOLD


This beater has a thick rust-colored suede head giving it a more aggressive sound. Thick deerskin follows along the shaft. Some feathers and beadwork hang from a piece of suede lacing followed by a wrapping of jute, a wrapping of beadwork and a wrapping of brown suede. A piece of reddish brown rabbit fur follows and the shaft ends in brown suede. SOLD

A water bottle; Actual size=180 pixels wide

The beautiful beater above is decorated with brown/gray rabbit and a striking (pun intended) cream/gray coyote fur, top grain brown leather and grey suede, braided jute and beadwork on the shaft, and more beadwork hanging from the handle. Note: This beater is not for sale. It is my personal beater.


This order specified two beaters: "One red & white, and the other black, red & white." Here is what I built.


Beater in purple and white. White rabbit fur is complimented by purple suede and fine white rope. The grip is wrapped in purple leather. The matching beadwork is wood and glass with one large multi-colored glass bead. See pic below for detail of beads... SOLD

Beadwork closeup of purple beater above


This beater is a green version of my purple beater. Some beautiful fine matching beadwork is at the center of the shaft and some green hemp wraps the back end of the grip. The beadwork hanging from the end is in wood, glass and metal. A closeup of this beadwork appears below...SOLD

Beadwork closeup of green beater above


This tan and brown beater has a touch of blue. The tan rabbit fur beater head is tied off with piece of rust-colored suede lacing. Brown Italian leather continues down the shaft followed by wrappings of blue hemp. The second piece of rabbit fur is followed by tan suede on the grip. The beadwork is of wood, glass, copper, and resin with a Peruvian ceramic bead. Closeup of beadwork is below...

Beadwork closeup of tan/brown/blue beater above



My denim beater! Light blue denim gives the beater head a sound that's somewhere between leather and fur. The playing head is tied off with soft deerskin lacing followed by some brown Italian leather. Some very simple beadwork hangs from deerskin lacing in the center of the shaft followed by a beautiful piece of brown rabbit fur, blue hemp lacing and more denim on the beater grip.

Black Leather

The Harley. The beater above was a challenging design. Top grain black leather, black feathers and beads with just a touch of color. A friend suggested that this one would make an excellent stocking stuffer for anyone into leathers and whips and such...sorta lends another meaning to the word "beater", doesn't it? ;-) It's a beautiful piece with a very loud voice. SOLD


White rabbit fur is complimented by thick brown top grain leather. The grip is done in thick brown suede. Some simple metal and wood beadwork and feathers hang from suede lacing in the middle. The smaller piece of fur in the center has a light touch of grey. A subtle and beautiful beater.

NOTICE: As fast as I post pictures of my beaters on this page, they get sold. Much simpler to custom-build them. Same price. Email me and give me an idea of what you want and I'll build you an original beater.

New Cochiti-style Beaters ($50. each)


Cochiti-style beaters can be custom built with your color preferences. Just email and tell me what you'd like.




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