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Early in 2003, I came across some huge 45mm superballs and decided to experiment. My goal was to design a superball mallet that would play well on BIG drums (taikos, djun djuns, ceremonial drums, etc.) I'm quite proud of what I came up with.
These "MEGA mallets" are nearly 18" in total length with a comfortable 5/8" solid oak shaft. The knobs (or 'end caps') on the rear of the shaft add to playing comfort and help prevent slippage. Despite their size, they are as perfectly balanced as my regular mallets. Like my regular mallets, MEGA mallet shafts are treated for resistance to moisture, mildew and splintering...and the superballs won't slip off the shaft!
This is a very specialized mallet, certainly not for everyone. If you play big drums, you owe it to yourself to own a pair of these. You've never heard big drums played with such finesse as is possible when superballs strike the head.
Handcrafted in Santa Fe, NM, MEGA mallets cost $25. a pair and ship Priority Mail (in the US) for $8.00. Shipping may be discounted for multiple mallet orders.


Leading the often-overlooked world of hand-crafted mallet technology is the bold, yet sensitive MEGA mallet. Until I discover a way to put superballs on telephone poles, these are the ultimate "Rick Sticks". Shown here in a dramatic, yet tasteful, bouquet. Take your pick!

From the first batch of Mega-mallets

When I first developed Mega-Mallets I wasn't sure anyone would even want them. I built 18 pairs initially and expected them to sell slowly since big drums aren't everybody's thing. In weeks, I only had 2 pairs left and had to build more! Mega-mallets continue to be a very popular item

Another Mega-mallet bouquet

Now all MEGA-Mallets are built using rock-hard oak shafts. $25. pair!

Today's oak-shaft Mega-mallet


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